Oxygen connectors in bulk

Our oxygen connectors allow different devices to be connected to an oxygen source and to extend the lengths as required. Available in different diameters. Products sold in bulk.

REF. Description Packaging Class Manufacturer CE
AC70V Oxygen connector, 15M, in bulk 500 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
AC64V Biconic connector, 7 mm-7 mm, in bulk 500 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
AC66V Biconic connector, 5/7 mm-5/7 mm, in bulk 2000 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
COM009V Connector for oxygen tube 6 mm 5-7 mm, in bullk 4000 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
EM5000V Connector on swivel M14x1.25 / 5-7MM, in bulk 500 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
EM5115V Oxygen connector, 6M-22M/15F, in bulk 1000 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
Last update : 11/07/2024

* For proper use of the medical device, please read the instructions carefully.

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