Mount catheters with filters

Catheter mounts are mainly composed of a double swivel connected to the endotracheal tube of the patient and a straight connector connected to the ventilation circuit. The double swivel allows rotational movements with the different connectors that compose it. The port allows the opening for the passage of a bronchoscope or a suction catheter. The catheter mounts have a 22F cleanliness cap on the double swivel. This reference is equipped with a pre-connected adult HME filter.

REF. Description Packaging Class Manufacturer CE
CML03HME20A Smooth inner tube catheter mount, 22F-22M/15F, double ball joint with double stopper, HME filter, adult, 15 cm 50 I INT'AIR MEDICAL Classe I*
Dernière mise à jour : 10/05/2023

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