Expandable tubings

The single limb breathing circuits can be used as an additional part of a main breathing circuit. Our paediatric expandable breathing circuits (PP and phthalate-free) allow the length and orientation of the circuit to be adjusted to suit all clinical requirements and thus offer multiple configuration possibilities. The circuits are delivered in their compressed form for efficient and economical storage management, compared to conventional circuits. They are equipped with connection sleeves. Length : from 0,15m to 3m. Produtcs sold in bulk.

REF. Description Packaging Class Manufacturer CE
TACC50V Expandable tube 22F-22F, 0,50 m, adult, in bulk 500 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
TACC80V Extendable adult respiratory tube, 0.80 m, sleeves 22F-22F, in bullk 2500 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
TACC100V Expandable tube, 22 mm, sleeves, 1 m, adult, in bulk 2250 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
TACC120A/3LFV Extendable adult respiratory tube, 1.20 m, connector 22F, 2 L bag, in bulk 100 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
TACC120V Expandable tube, 22F-22F, 1,20 m, adult, in bulk 2250 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
TACC150V Expandable tube, 22F-22F, 1,50 m, adult, in bulk 1500 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
TACC160V Expandable tube, 22F-22F, 1,60 m, adult, in bulk 1500 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
TACC180V Expandable - 22F-22F, 1.80M, adult, in bulk 1500 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
TACC240V Expandable 22F-22F, 2.40 m, adult, in bulk 1000 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
TACC300V Expandable - 22MM, 3.00M, in bulk 900 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
TL180AWV Breathing circuit monolimb smoothbore 22F-22F, white, 1.80 m, adult, in bulk 400 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
CC15P/1V Single limb breathing circuit, expandable tube 15 mm paediatric 0.15 m, in bulk 2000 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
TPCC15V Expandable tube 15 mm connecting sleeves, 0.15 m, paediatric, in bulk 10000 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
TPCC160V Expandable tube 15MM connecting sleeves, 1.60M, paediatric, in bulk 1500 N/A INT'AIR MEDICAL N/A
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